eBooks for Acupuncture & TCM


The Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture is a reference book with over 1000 pages and more than 400 high quality acupuncture charts. The Atlas of Acupuncture is easy to use and optimised for working on small screens, such as on smartphones and tablets.

Use the power of your smartphone, tablet or eBook reader: With it, the Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture can easily be searched! If you have ever searched for points in a printed acupuncture atlas, such as those which threat “asthma”, you know that you might have to spend hours. With the Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture you can search for “asthma” or any other search term within seconds.


409 Acupuncture Points!

Each acupuncture point includes detailed description of the location, TCM functions, indications, special qualifications, needling and more.

469 Acupuncture Charts!

The high quality Acupuncture Charts show each point on four anatomic levels: the skin, the muscles, the skeleton and the inner organs with vessels and nerves.

Works everywhere!

Be it smartphones, tablets or notebooks – Android, iOS or Windows: The Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture works everywhere!

Clearly arranged!

The Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture is clearly arranged and easy to use. Despite 1000 pages of content, you will find it easy to navigate around it. Promise!