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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it allowed to use the Shen-Atlas of Aupuncture on several devices?

Yes, that is allowed. The use of the eBook is not limited and you may use it on as many devices as you like, i.e. Smartphone, Tablet, Kindle reader etc.

What does my Shen E-book purchase include?

Your Shen eBook will be provided to you in two formats; EPUB and MOBI. This ensures that you will be able to read your Shen eBook on any device, i.e. Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop computer or even Kindle reader (which normally requires a MOBI format file).

How can I order?

Simply click the “ADD TO CART” button and the order form opens. There are several payment methods available (PayPal, Credit Card, Wire transfer, FAX and more). Enter the necessary data, choose your payment method and proceed to checkout. The order process is provided by Digital River (www.digitalriver.com).

Can I pay in another currency?

Yes, you can change the currency at the order form.

I have lost my download file, what should I do?

Simply get in touch with us at j.bschaden@shenprofessional.com and we will resolve your problem.

Can I add own notes to the Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture?

Yes. Most eBook readers and reader apps have a note function. This allows you to add personal notes, patient information etc.

How do I read my Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture on an eBook Reader?

Copy the Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture onto your reader. Use the format (EPUB or MOBI), which is compatible with your device. EBook readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, use black-and-white technology by the way.

How do I read the Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture on my Smartphone or Tablet?

If you have already installed an eBook reader app, simply open your eBook reader app and import the Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture.
If you have not yet installed an eBook reader app, please visit the app store, search for an (free) eBook reader app and install it. After this, you can use the eBook reader app for the Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture.

How do I read my eBook on a Notebook?

If you already have a Reader App downloaded to your Notebook, you can go ahead and import the Shen eBook as an EPUB or MOBI file type. If you don’t have a Reader App, you will need to download it first. Some examples of free readers are Calibre and the EPUB File Reader.

10 Ways to Open EPUB Files (wikiHow)

How to open EPUB files?

This article is published by wikiHow. If you need video help to open a EPUB file, there are lots on the web.

What is the EPUB format?

The EPUB format (electronic publishing) is a popular and common standard format for eBooks. It is supported by most eBook readers and there are various eBook reader apps for smartphones and tablets for all operating systems.

What is the MOBI format?

The MOBI format (MOBIPocket) is another standard format for eBooks. The MOBI format is also supported by many eBook reader apps. If you use a Kindle from Amazon, the Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture will have to be opened using the MOBI format.


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