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Fu Ke-Gynecology in Chinese Medicine

Fu Ke – Gynecology in Chinese Medicine

Menstrual Irregularities (Bleeding Disorders, PMS…) Problems during Pregnancy (Vomiting, Edema,
Miscarriage…) Problems after Childbirth (Postnatal Depression, Loss of Libido after Childbirth, Postnatal Exhaustion…) Menopausal Syndrome, Ovarian Cysts, Myoma, Vaginal Discharge… 160 pages with more than 100 point combinations for your treatment optimized for Smartphone, Tablet, ebook Reader, Notebook focused writing style

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The essence of Fu Ke!

No other textbook teaches Chinese Gynecology as quickly and effectively.

Painful periods!

The regulation of the menstrual cycle is an important part in Chinese medicine. Find all seven causes for painful periods with an effective point combination for your treatment in my ebook.


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